The sound of respiration
Dracaena plant, humidity sensor, Arduino, laptop, speakers, MAX/MSP, 2012

The evaporation of water from the plant is recorded with a humidity sensor and converts the sensor data into sound as a tonal frequency in real time.


Trio of Plant, Stone, and Water
plant, stone, cup of water, temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, Arudino, computer, MAX/MSP, speakers, 2012

A temperature sensors attached to a rock, a CO2 sensor attached to the leaf of a plant, and a humidity sensor hovering above a cup of water generate a
tonal frequency by converting the respective sensor data into sound in real time.

Numerical Respiration
Fern, CO2 sensor, Arduino, computer, monitor, 2012

The release of CO2 from the leaves of the fern are recorded using a sensor and display the sensor values in real time on a video monitor in an adjacent room.